When preparing your mix files it is best to provide as much information as possible.

 It is also a good idea to supply us with full track listing text file with correct spelling etc.
 to be included as CD text on your master.


The one thing that should be avoided is maximizing / limiting your mixes.

When supplying mixes for mastering remove all level processing

such as limiting etc. as the more headroom we have the better the result, in other words, for us less is more.


It can be helpful if you have a cross reference for the way you want your music to sound.

Suggesting a known artist and providing a sample to compare sonically as a guide.

You may also supply different versions of mixes or separate instrument and vocal stems.

By stems we mean that you can provide time aligned separate stereo files of rhythm, instruments, and vocals.

Mastering from stems is a no compromise method however only supply stems that relate to any mix issues you may have.

If you have any doubts just contact us for advice.

 We have Dolby SR, A, and also DBX noise reduction units available. When providing analog tape please make sure appropriate alignment tones are included and stated. At the minimum tapes should include 1khz, 10Khz, & 100hz tones.

                      When your files are ready

                          you can email us for our free and
                        secure Hightail upload link.

                      You can include a text file instructions list etc.
                    with the files or send an e-mail containing all details.

                 Once Mastering is completed, we will email you a link
               containing your Mastered WAV files.

             After the WAV files have been sent to you,

            it is possible to make small adjustments if you require them.

          Accepted formats are:

       -Wav & Aiff 24 bit Files. Accepted sampling rates are 44.1khz to 192khz-

     - Audio CD-

   - DAT tape-

 - 1/2 Inch & 1/4 Inch Analog Tape-

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