Don’s Credits are too extensive to mention all of them but some recent artists incude:

Busby Marou

Dune Rats

Crowded House (Deluxe Reissue)
Jimmy Barnes

The Wiggles

Kuu Kuu Harajuku

Some Classics Include:


Alanis Morissette

Duran Duran

The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Ltd Edition Vinyl

Slim Dusty



Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The Vines

The Saints


Cold Chisel

Missy Higgins

Midnight Oil

Paul Kelly

Cruel Sea

The Whitlams

Dallas Crane

You Am I

The Living End

Youth Group

Tex, Don & Charlie


Don also has mastered numerous multi million selling releases for international artists from Japan, Russia, and Indonesia as well as countless classical and world music productions.

See also www.donbartley.com for further history.


Don Bartley

Don grew up fascinated with sound. His father was trained as a radio technician and, as a child, Don watched and listened to him while he built and repaired valve radios. In the evenings they listened to the radio, and that's when Don discovered that sound can create images and he learnt the true meaning of "HI FI".


Early in high school, Don was given a mono 1/4" tape recorder, and he learnt to record, mix and edit. Soon Don moved on to a stereo tape recorder, home built amps, mixer and pirate radio station. This is when The Beatles arrived and changed his life. Don joined the Sydney Waterboard after high school. Don really wanted to work in a sound studio but was advised against it. After 5 years at the Waterboard, he joined the Australian Record Company (CBS) as a technician come mastering engineer. Don was finally in his element and he never looked back.


Don has been mastering in Sydney, Australia, since 1971. Don started cutting vinyl masters, dubbing and editing for CBS Records at their Artarmon Plant. Don moved to RCA Records and headed up their new facility in 1975 after RCA's huge success with ABBA. In 1980, Don joined EMI's Recording Studios. At EMI, he followed the transition from the analogue age into the digital age and watched with sadness the demise of vinyl. In 1988, Don became a freelance engineer and incorporated his own company - INTERNATIONAL MASTERING SERVICES P/L. Don has now built and set up "Benchmark Mastering", a mastering facility dedicated to the music industry, incorporating his broad experience with his Australian and international client base.

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